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Online Learning at MCC

Below are descriptors of an effective online learner:


-The online learner will tend to be a self-starter, self-directed, and self-motivated.


-The online learner will possess a high degree of self-discipline and organizational skills  


-The online learner will  take the initiative to contact the course instructor if there are questions about the material.


-The online learner will  be technologically proficient.


-The online learner will possess strong reading skills and listening comprehension skills since course material will likely be delivered in a text and audio format.


-The online learner will not miss the face-to-face interaction afforded in the classroom.


If you feel you possess these traits, more than likely our online courses will meet your educational and professional needs.

The first known “distance” learning offering was a shorthand correspondence course conducted through the mail by a Boston company in 1728.


Experts predict that 90 percent of the fastest-growing job markets today will soon be requiring further post-secondary education or advanced training.


In a 2010 report, the Department of Education concluded that “Students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.”


Research studies have shown that student attitudes about online learning are generally positive.




Online Learning Facts and Figures

Is Online Learning Right for You?

All of our courses are offered online and leverage your computer's browser to make it  convenient for you to learn at home, work, or anywhere you have an internet connection.


Course content is self-contained in the online course, so all learning material is just a mouseclick away.


Courses have been designed with instructional methodology aligned with online learning “best practices” and standards to ensure effective learning and overall education quality.


Visuals, audio, and regular self-checks keep the student motivated and engaged throughout the course.


Regular assessment provides additional motivation and keeps the student on-track to meet course learning outcomes.


Your course instructor is always available to answer questions about learning content and to help resolve any technical issues you may be having.