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Course Syllabus: Online Real Estate Sales Agent Pre-License Course-60 Hours

Course Outcomes: By the end of this course, the student will be able to define key terms associated with real estate; distinguish between real property and personal property; identify methods of describing property; list and compare types of estates and ways of holding title to real property; identify methods of describing property; describe ways real property is transferred and the procedures to do so; define and give examples of encumbrances; compare and contrast various public restrictions on land; discuss the basic elements of contract law; describe and differentiate various types of real estate contracts; list requirements for a valid lease; discuss how agency is created and terminated and give examples of agency law; describe the main principles and organizations related to real estate financing; list the steps required for applying for financing; describe the three methods for appraisal and the properties and situations for which they are most appropriate; list the steps involved with closing real estate transactions, including escrow and tax aspects; indicate the significant characteristics of fair housing regulations; discuss basic real estate ethics; list the actions for which a real estate license is required; discuss Mississippi state law requirements and state law license violations.


Assessment: To ensure mastery of material, the student is required to complete all material, activities and module quizzes. There is also a final cumulative test, which students must pass with at least a 70% grade.


Course Completion: Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate which you will then submit along with your Application for the Missisippi Real Estate Salesperson license to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission.

Course Cost: $195.00

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Pre-License Real Estate Salesperson Course: Principles of Real Estate

Clock Hours: 60 hours

Course Delivery: Online

Course Cost: $195

Length of Time to Complete: 24-48 weeks

Instructor: Dave Davis

Course Policies

Course Topics: The 60-hour pre-license course consists of 25 learning units focusing on the following topics:


-The Real Estate Busines               -Rights in Real Estate            -Interests and Estates           -Ownership

-Encumbrances and Liens     -Transferring & Recording Title -Real Estate Leases           -Land Use and Planning

-Legal Descriptions                 -Real Estate Contract Law            -Agency                                   -Listing Agreements

-The Brokerage Business     -Real Estate Sales Contracts            -Market Economics                   -Estimating and Appraising Market Value

-Real Estate Finance                 -Real Estate Investment            -Real Estate Taxation           -Ethics Law and Practices

-Closing                             -Risk Management                        -Property Management           -MS License Law

-Real Estate Math

More Information

Course Description: This 60-hour online, self-paced course meets the pre-licensing requirement to become a Real Estate Salesperson in the State of Mississippi. The course provides an overview of principles and key concepts in real estate law, finance overview, agency law, lending overview, common law and statutory law, state real estate rules and regulations, as well as real estate ethics.